Welcome to DAD Creds, brought to you by COUNTRYOUTHS¬†INDUSTRIES LIMITED, based in DELHI, and stemming from the creators of COUNTRYOUTHS. DAD Creds is not just an accreditation portal; it’s a revolutionary platform designed to transform your daily activities into a rewarding journey of self-improvement and personal development.

Our Vision: DAD Creds envisions a transformative platform that uniquely emphasizes the value of every effort made. By seamlessly integrating education, health, and gamified elements, we aim to inspire users to actively engage in personal development, academics, and fitness. Our central objective is to craft an all-encompassing, rewarding experience that appreciates every small effort, ultimately contributing to a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

How It Works: Users can choose from a variety of activities, such as updating educational progress, engaging in social events, participating in sports, completing discipline-building tasks, logging reading habits, exploring job profiles, and connecting with new people. By consistently adding and updating these chosen activities, users earn points that can be aggregated and redeemed through our online portal within a specified time frame.

The Journey So Far: Presently, we have initiated the program involving a select group of students and integrated our platform into the educational exam system and educational functionalities, integrate a robust health system, and introduce captivating gamified activities.

Activities We Track:

  • Educational (1): Gamifying test preparation, homework, and education for students of all levels.
  • Social (2): Encouraging participation in social activities and contributing to various causes.
  • 5 AM Club (3): Focusing on holistic well-being through morning workouts and mindfulness practices.
  • Holistic Self-Development (4): Promoting discipline in daily routines and self-improvement practices.

The Future Ahead: Envision a revolutionary platform that meticulously compiles every facet of your endeavors and the time you invest. Powered by Data Credits (DAD Creds), this innovative portal provides a numerical reflection of your lifestyle, discipline, education, and efforts. In this paradigm, HR trusts these points to tell your comprehensive story, potentially eliminating the need for traditional interviews.

Work Flow of DAD Creds:

  1. Open Demonstration – Come and Experience
  2. Sign Up – Register
  3. Add your achievements, awards, social engagements, etc., and get instant aggregated DAD Creds points.
  4. Keep checking your points regularly.
  5. Login and keep updating your activities.
  6. Give examinations on the DAD Creds portal to improve your points.
  7. Stay consistently on the portal and redeem your aggregated points after 4 years.
  8. Earn regular rewards based on your points.

Financials Involved:

  • Registration Fee: No deduction while redemption of Points in the future.
  • No Fee
  • Payment on every exam attempted.

Join us on this revolutionary journey at DAD Creds, where every effort counts, and every achievement is celebrated. Your comprehensive story unfolds through Data Credits, paving the way for a new era of holistic self-recognition and professional evaluation.