Dad Creds proudly welcomes Vivek as our CTO, an accomplished technology leader poised to drive innovation and elevate our digital landscape.

Leading Dad Creds’ backend Tech team with expertise and precision, OM Prakash Singh brings unparalleled leadership, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance in our digital infrastructure.

In the realm of software development, NAMAN stands as the driving force behind Dad Creds’ technological advancements, steering the team with extensive skills and a passion for innovation.

At the helm of Dad Creds’ UI/UX design, Ashish Mehta orchestrates a visually stunning and user-centric experience, combining creativity with precision to shape our digital interfaces into seamless, engaging platforms.

Om Prakash, our esteemed pedagogy expert, serves as an all-around teaching mentor at Dad Creds, leveraging his expertise to shape a holistic and effective learning experience for our community.

Bhavna Rai, our dedicated Quality Analyst expert at Dad Creds, meticulously ensures the highest standards in our products and services, contributing to a seamless and exceptional experience for our users.

Ekta, our accomplished Public Relations and Communication expert at Dad Creds, plays a pivotal role in fostering positive relationships with stakeholders and the public. With a keen understanding of effective communication strategies, Ekta excels in crafting compelling narratives that elevate our brand presence and resonate with our diverse audience. Her dynamic approach not only enhances our public image but also ensures transparent and meaningful interactions, solidifying Dad Creds’ position as a trusted and communicative entity in the industry.

Mukesh Kumar, the esteemed Strategic Advisor at Dad Creds, brings a wealth of experience and foresight to guide the company’s growth trajectory. Leveraging his strategic acumen, Mukesh provides invaluable insights that shape our decision-making processes and contribute to the overall success of Dad Creds. His visionary guidance aligns seamlessly with our long-term goals, making Mukesh an integral part of our leadership team, steering us towards innovation and sustained excellence in the dynamic landscape we operate in.

Rahul, our Social Media Expert at Dad Creds, strategically navigates digital landscapes, crafting engaging campaigns that elevate our brand presence and foster community connections.